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Stan has the kinkiest sex ever with Francine!

Every time Stan comes back from a mission, Francine waits for him in bed, wearing that sexy pink baby doll that shows off her legs and big titties. It always works, giving Stan a bigger erection than when he sees Roger in lingerie! He is so turned on, he grabs her by the hair and shoves her face first against his cock, throat fucking her and making her gag! Then he flips her over, belly to the mat and fucks her butt! He spreads his legs, makes her get into doggy position and raises his dick so she can lick his balls, his scrotum and rim his asshole! Then he flips her over the bed and sodomizes her! Stan cums all over her, looks like his latest mission involved many homo-erotic overtones he is acting out on her! Kinky!


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